Updating tools failed wow

Workaround: If all of the above has failed, right-click and save this link to the desktop. Select "Open file with..." If you are presented with an entry called "Java Web Start" select that and press okay.If it doesn't, you need to browse to where ever Java is installed on your computer, commonly C:\Program Files\Java\. The developers are working to correct this problem and will be fixed in the next beta release.Be sure that the "File Type" at the bottom is set to "All Files".


I don't have any idea Thorunn, I've run into a similar situation where my ZIP program (in this case Tug ZIP, not sure if this would apply to others), associated Minion's file type with it's ZIP extraction functions.

You should now be able to run Minion by double-clicking the new "minion" file, which has an icon that resembles two gears.

This is caused by the Java plugin either not being installed into your web browser properly, or it simply not existing.

Open a terminal, change to the Minion directory, and then start minion from there.

For example, if Minion is installed into /home/user/Minion: There are numerous causes for this. All you need to do is delete two directories: the minion application directory, and the minion user directory.

That may mean if you want to use Minion, you can't use Nokia PC Suite if it won't cooperate with files like Minion.



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