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This dance style is very high paced, intense cardio, and is usually to done to music with a constant beat such as electro, hardstyle, and/or techno.

Shuffling is preferrable in shoes as it won't hurt your feet, but also acceptable in socks or barefoot. Many shufflers (anyone who is decent or better at shuffle dancing) gain popularity by dancing in public, at meetups, but mostly by posting videos of them shuffling online.

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Bon et bien oui un jour il faut bien se lancer alors deja si tu commence a lire cette description et que tu veux te trouver un "plan cul" Get Ouf My Way et Go CHATROULETTE :) Voila ca c'est fait ensuite bon bah dans ma description je parle de moi alors que dire ... Milanie Cokin: WAAAW Nouveau suffle chatroulette en Français : Venez parler, faire des rencontres et utiliser le chat avec d'autres français ! After watching other amazing shufflers, you will most likely want to learn how to or at least want to obsessivly watch others shuffle because it looks cool. It looks like he's floating on air while stomping to the music!


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    Tennis specific hand-eye co-ordination, racket and ball skills and tennis movement are the priority teaching points – as well as hitting lots of balls!

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    The pair was continuously spotted cozying up to one another while in LA the next few months.

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