Speed dating events in brisbane


How this company can promote they are proud of their customer service on Facebook is beyond me.For those still keen to attend the T&Cs are on Speed Date Australia site not their individual locations.I convinced a friend to attend with me as I've never been to a speed dating event. They then responded to say they could offer a voucher valid for 12 months then no response when I confirmed that would be acceptable. So I'm not surprised reading news about how people have bought tickets and then being told the event is sold out.I replied demanding my money back or a voucher to be issued. Paid for 2 tickets () was emailed the day before to say sorry there was a mix up its now sold out and we can't take you! I'd been to their events before and while I never had the problem of being turned away saying I hadn't paid, I saw that happen to someone else.I didn't know my work commitments at that stage so I couldn't settle on another date, so I replied advising this and asked if I was entitled to a refund.After a lengthy wait I got the same short reply "choose another event".Neither do they provide a valid ABN on their website, the whole operation seems secretive and untrustworthy. There is no way to contact the company other than e-mail.


Many mature singles think that online dating is for the 20s and 30s something. Tue Aug 22 2017 at 0630 pm, Speed Dating is rapidly gaining in popularity not just here in Brisbane, but all over Australia. I registered and paid for the event and due to my name not being on the list they wouldn't let me participate. They didn't care at all and had no interest in trying to find my name or even calling head office. I was actually told not to attend by them after I made a booking.



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