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If I had to pick the best of the best, it would be : Sword Art Online is the best-yet released MMORPG in 2022.This game is not only top-notch with 10 thousand subscribers, it is THE game that revolutionized virtual online gaming.Deep down in every gamers heart, we all wish we encounter an alternate reality like SAO one day, regardless of the cons. He accepts but there’s a catch, it's not in the game; instead you play Btooom! Games coming to real life, seems like a dream come true for gamers right? The series is considered the father of the game anime genre. Haseo encounters the legendary Kite, our previous protagonist, but he doesn't seem as friendly as usual; actually he is now a bug of the game.When defeated by Kite (known as Tri-Edge), Haseo loses all his data and is forced to play under a new avatar called Skeith, who has the ability to Data Drain, the same ability used by Kite to turn him into a noob.As a personal revenge and the wish of the GM, Haseo embarks on a search for Tri-Edge, and anomalies called AIDA, whose corrupt power leaves anyone killed by them in a coma in real life.

Lately, there has been a boom in game anime and most of the anime under this category have made it to the top in only weeks.It’s enjoyable even if you're unfamiliar with the series, but if you have seen I’m sure you’ll be already craving to play the game again by the time it’s over.


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