Novel israeli and arab dating


“They did everything to make me feel unwanted, like I didn’t belong.

People would make hurtful comments like, ‘Why are you doing that to yourself?

The Israeli high school curriculum includes books on a variety of hot-button issues, including “Khirbet Khizeh,” a 1949 novel about the expulsion of Arabs from a fictional village by Israeli soldiers, and “A Trumpet in the Wadi,” a 1987 novel about a love affair between a Jewish man and a Christian Arab woman.

The author of “Borderlife,” Dorit Rabinyan, has another work on the list.

I eventually reached my breaking point and left the company.”The former employee said that she knew of other instances in which Jewish women employees were treated in similar fashion.

She added that her ordeal took place with the full knowledge of Rami Levi, the CEO and founder.

But the threat of assimilation, mainly through Israelis marrying non-Jewish foreigners, still generates concern among Israelis.

The high intermarriage rate among American Jews has also added to the concerns.


Since the restrictions would apply mostly to liberal nonprofits, the bill drew accusations that the government was trying to crack down on critics.Israel is smaller than New Jersey, with 0.11% of the world's population, yet captures a lion's share of headlines.


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