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(For example, the monthly payment for a mortgage amount of ,000 would be: ,000 ÷ ,000 = 6; 6 × ____ = $____ per month.)][Example The example below shows how your payments would have changed under this ARM program based on actual changes in the index from 1982 to 1996.This does not necessarily indicate how your index will change in the future.Ask us for our current interest rate and margin.—Information about the index rate is published weekly in the Wall Street Journal.• Your interest rate will equal the index rate plus our margin unless your interest rate “caps” limit the amount of change in the interest rate.



You may keep any money we have given you in this new transaction until we have done the things mentioned above, but you must then offer to return the money at the address below.The example is based on the following assumptions: View or download PDFView or download PDF Note: To see what your payments would have been during that period, divide your mortgage amount by ,000; then multiply the monthly payment by that amount.


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