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Al – LFC Is the Premier League really that difficult?Has this season proven beyond doubt that the Premier League is not as difficult to play in as people think?Mo Salah has arrived from Italy and, like Pogba, has been able for it. Lacazette, Mendy and Bernardo Silva arrived from France and, like Mahrez and Kante, seem to be doing just fine.Can’t see any top player examples this year but Mkhitaryan came from Germany last year and is flying.Then I saw Peter’s piece on the game that he had watched on the tele and I sort of understood why. Gregory Whitehead, LFC What’s the saddest thing you’ve ever done connected to football?Maybe my effort was simply crap rather than blatantly inferior to Peter’s but I’m going with poor timing on my part. I have a mate, who will remain unnamed, whose best man revealed his tendency to set FIFA matches up as computer versus computer with a time limit of an actual 45 minutes each way because it was like watching a real match.Its extremely frustrating when United’s midfield is broken from the attack and they wont hold out as well as they did against Southampton every time.


Personally i have seen a fair few footballers that i thought were worldclass but because they didnt play for the two giants they were never called that.The most Piss Boiling thing in football is not diving or refs or any of that its “The Premier League” in my humble opinion Football DID NOT start in 1992.Records DID NOT Start in 1992 Ryan Giggs has 672 LEAGUE appearances….Suarez was not called wordclass untill he joined Barca.


And im quite sure that the only reason Coutinho wanted to join Barca is so that he could be a “worldclass ” player together with worldclass defenders like Sergi Roberto.

Lampard is the best goalscoring midfielder i have ever seen and it still baffles me to hear players like Isco and Rakitic refered to as wordclass midfielders.


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