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Net Question Answer site, specially started to allow visitors of this site ask their doubts and queries. Just click the Ask Now button and ask your question now.--- code behind ---Public Partial Class update Inherits System. While registering we need to provide the Control name along with the data item for the control which we want to render. we can call args.get_data Items()to retreive the data from the dataitem collections.If we click on Button1 now, it will update the text of Label1, but though we have registered the Label2 with the script manager still its value will not be reflect. After that we have set the Control Value by from the data item collection using .In general, you should only have Update Panels areound areas where you wish to do partial updates.Don't wrap your entire page within an Update Panel, and don't be afraid to use several panels, since this will give you more control of which areas update and when they do it. Configuration; public partial class _Default : System. Close() : sdr Emp = Nothing End Try End Sub Private Function set Conn() As Boolean Try my Conn = New Sql Connection("Data Source=DNA; Persist Security Info=False;" & _ "Integrated Security=SSPI; "Initial Catalog=DNA_CLASSIFIED; User Id=sa; Password=; Connect Timeout=30;") my Conn. Connection = my Conn Catch ex As Exception Return False End Try Return True End Function Private Function Get Data Reader(Optional By Val s Query As String = "") As Sql Data Reader sq Comm.

The Content Template tag is required, since it holds the content of the panel.

Okay, so that contradicts a bit with what I said above, but I'm not suggesting you don't use Update Panels, just that you place them appropriately.

Bootstrap Modals don't work when the relevant parts of the DOM are altered after the page is initially rendered.

The following example will show the use of both childtags. As you can see, the first Update Panel carries a trigger which references the second button.


This will ensure that the first panel is updated even when a control on a different Update Panel is used.

Text) & "'" Dim sdr Emp As Sql Data Reader = Get Data Reader(s Query) Try Dim s Details As String = "" If sdr Emp. Item("Emp ID") & "<br /" s Details = s Details & "Email ID: " & sdr Emp. Inner Html = s Details Catch ex As Exception Finally sdr Emp.



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