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You will succeed if you maintain passion in your journeys. Maid 2: Young Master, you should stop flirting with the girls and spend more time training... Maid 3: Young Master, I think Sir Muza, the swordsman who paid us a visit the other day, was really amazing. Oh, Young Master, you aren't supposed to touch me like that... I leave my descendants these words; never become jaded in the pursuit of your goals. I guess as far as that's concern for what it was it was ok.The game itself is starting to become a rare bird and I estimate finding a copy of this whole and intact is going to become harder and harder. The story is average, again nothing to write home about.



So Meis, trying to walk in a straight line, ends up stumbling drunkenly around his hometown, likely crashing headlong into walls and trees, shfshfshfshfing the whole time. Check out those stunning CG landscapes that make up half the video! Next time on Seven Generations of Pigs: Let's Play Thousand Arms: . Every once in a while, I'd think, "Man, maybe I should do a Let's Play of Thousand Arms. Atlus USA switched the two in localization (as explained in the Translation Notes in the manual) but didn't remove the shfshfshf noise you'd now be hearing all the time. t.width);};" / Besides just smashing his huge head-sword into you, the Scimitar not-Crab can blow bubbles! t.width);};" / Much more quantifiable is what it does to the sword. And they say that his heart grew one size that day.

Thousand Arms is a 1998 Playstation RPG from developer Red Company (now Red Entertainment Corpration), published by Atlus, and released in North America in 1999. Atlus even took a page from Working Designs' book and included trading cards and memory card stickers with every copy!


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    Thus the hostesses of the Enlightenment received visitors in a new kind of furniture.

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