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View the catalog record [Confederate States of America. Virginia Infantry Regiment, 17th.] Extract from mss. Entries describe the regiments marches through Fredericksburg, Petersburg, Ivor Station, Suffolk, Chesterfield County, Caroline County, Culpeper Court House, Winchester, Front Royal, and Washington County, Virginia, and into Tennessee and North Carolina. View the catalog record [Confederate States of America.



Letters, 30 November-23 December 1864, written by a Confederate soldier named Henry [-----], in the Army of Northern Virginia likely in Chesterfield Couny, Virginia, near the Jame River, to his brother Tom commenting on Henry's homesickness and longing for the war's end, his sense of satisfaction at the sight of Northern dead, a Union ironclad assault on the Howlett Line, the general expectation of an impending attack by General Ulysses S. Letter, 16 October (no year), from Henry [-----], a Union soldier possibly in a New York company, to Catharine thanking her for her letter and discussing picket duty, his attendance at religious meetings, arrest of a drunk provost guard, and other news.

He also discusses harvesting of local fruits and berries and fishing.


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    Völlig übermüdet vom nächtlichen Streit sagt Aaron am nächsten Tag eine wichtige Operation ab.

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