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However, with the growth in the usage of blogs, both commercially and non-commercially, a TLD that clearly sets aside a URL as a blog will help bloggers distinguish their online identity from the myriad of domains in use, and certainly add value to the existing blogosphere.An increasing number of organisations also maintain an active blog allowing them to interact with their stakeholders, customers etc.ARI provides registry services for a number of TLDs including the cc TLD.Our contract with ARI is attached to our response to Q46.It is our objective to provide 100% uptime, a resilient global DNS infrastructure, and very low latency in terms of DNS resolution for this TLD1.3 REPUTATIONReputation of our TLD is of paramount importance to us.The reputation of our TLD directly relates to how end-users on the internet perceive our Registrants. Blog by ensuring the following –* Maintaining a high quality bar with respect to Registrants in the TLD* Well defined Acceptable usage and content policies* Well defined dispute resolution mechanisms* Ensuring Whois accuracy to support abuse mitigation* Well defined and implemented abuse mitigation processes* Well defined and implemented rights protection mechanisms* Exceptional service levels To this effect we have created unprecedented Abuse mitigation policies and Rights protection mechanisms that go significantly above and beyond mandatory requirements and common practice described in considerable detail in our response to Q28 and Q29.A Nielsen⁄Mc Kinsey study across a sample of 10 global markets revealed that social networks and blogs are the top online destination in each country, accounting for the majority of time spent online and reaching at least 60% of active Internet users (^1) .The integration of blogs with social media such as Facebook and Twitter has further increased blogging activity.

As can be seen in the contract we have exceeded the ICANN required SLA on every parameter.

These organizations can also derive value from a designated TLD at which the can host their blogs, making it easier for their audience to locate and identify their corporate blog online.

This benefits the end users as they will be able to locate blogs with ease e.g.: Visitors will not have to look for ‘companyname.tld⁄blog’ or ‘companynameblog.tld’; they can simply go to ‘’.

We also commit to extremely high service levels that go beyond the stipulated service levels in the applicant guidebook.2. BLOG TO THE NAMESPACE2.1 CONTRIBUTION IN TERMS OF COMPETITION, DIFFERENTIATION, OR INNOVATIONPer ICANN’s Bylaws as amended June 24, 2011, ICANN’s core value number six is “Introducing and promoting competition in the registration of domain names where practicable and beneficial in the public interest.” * A key purpose of the .

Blog Registry is differentiation and the fact that it is here to serve as a unique destination for blogs.

Blogging has evolved into an interesting blend of commercial and non-commercial activity with many users looking for ways to create an online impression. Due to the saturated nature of the existing g TLD space, many Internet users have to opt for a name that does not suit their needs best.


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