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In the episode "He Could Be the One", Jackson does not take part in the actual story, but appears as a third-person omniscient narrator, although even in this role he appears in character.

Jackson also has a central role in the feature film Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Whenever Lucy talks about her boyfriend, she refers to him as only Alex.She is one of the talented and experienced weather anchors of the ITV.Promotional photo of the Hannah Montana main characters from season one to three.In an off-handed remark in "Song Sung Bad," Jackson implausibly suggests the reason for this move involved an embarrassing incident with a Tennessean girlfriend. It is also revealed in the episode "Schooly Bully" that Jackson's bare feet are ticklish.

When Jackson first attended school in California he was made fun of because of his accent, cowboy hat, boots, and large belt buckle with shining bright lights which he wore to school. Also he has a limited amount of friends, only showing two: Cooper & Thor.The weather anchor is a secretive type of people who love to keep her private life away from the media. Lucy focuses on her professional life rather than personal stuff.



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