Dating dutch delft tiles

This is because the Netherlands doesn't have strict laws about "Country of Origin" labeling as we do here in the States.We are used to seeing products marked "Made In China", and we accept it for the low prices they bring, but in Holland, the stuff made in China is often sitting on the shelf right next to the pieces that are the true blue delftware, with no distinction whatsoever.For obvious reasons, there are significantly more Delftware traders in the city than in Amsterdam — many of which are still attached to active pottery workshops.With artifacts dating from the 17th to the 19th centuries, these collections include excellent pieces of Delft earthernware.


The words "handpainted", "delft", "made in Holland" are not a guarantee that it was.

The showroom is open seven days a week and is only a short distance away from Amsterdam’s city centre – making it perfect for travellers looking for a special item to remember their time in the Netherlands.


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