Is medicare mandating eprescribing updating images in a wpf application

Once the XML interface is built and populated, no further steps are required: new accounts, users, and patients are added automatically without any preregistration processes.

Electronic prescribing (e Prescribing) now is the norm for most prescriptions, except those for controlled substances.

Thus, we have addressed the complexities of EPCS by combining Verizon’s business process expertise with New Crop’s skills and experience, gained over 10 years of integrating prescribing systems with a wide range of electronic medical records and integrated health care delivery systems (EMR-ISs).

New Crop-EPCS can be utilized via an integrated suite of data services or by the use of dedicated and optimized user screens.

There are now 11 electronic health record systems that are certified.

Pharmacy enablement to accept EPCS appears to have grown to a point where some 21,000 pharmacies can now accept electronic prescriptions for controlled substances.

Thus, EPCS further magnifies the value of the New Crop Build vs. 150 EMR-ISs now use New Crop e-prescribing services.


Verizon Universal Identity Solutions provides our identity infrastructure.New Crop provides a versatile software tool kit that greatly decreases the effort needed by an EMR-IS to incorporate the many drug/prescribing elements needed for Meaningful Use and Medicare: a simple Build versus Buy choice.


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