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They suggest that any performance measurement framework should allow managers to ask the following questions: However, the balanced scorecard is flawed as it does not allow for one of the most important questions of all: • What are our competitors doing? "Towards a Framework for Evaluating the Business Process Performance of E-Business Investments." International Journal of Business Performance Management 7, no. (the competitor perspective) Keegan proposed a similar, but lesser known, performance measurement framework titled the "performance matrix." The performance matrix is more flexible, as it is able to integrate different dimensions of performance, and employs generic terms such as internal, external, cost, and noncost. "Performance Measurement and Costing System in New Enterprise." Technovation 25, no. Failure to make the necessary modifications can inhibit the ability of the organization to be an effective and efficient global competitor. As differences in the cost of living across the world evolve, the global poverty line has to be periodically updated to reflect these changes.We have back-casted the estimates for previous years, in order to assess the trends in poverty reduction over the last 25 years.These trends continue to show that the world has made impressive progress in reducing poverty since 1990, but that poverty persists at unacceptable levels, and much more needs to be done to ensure that people continue to move out of poverty in the years to come.



Performance measures can be grouped into two basic types: those that relate to results (outputs or outcomes such as competitiveness or financial performance) and those that focus on the determinants of the results (inputs such as quality, flexibility, resource utilization, and innovation).

These frameworks appear in the literature and vary from Kaplan and Norton's balanced scorecard to Fitzgerald's framework of results and determinants.



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