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Do we have a 'Hot People Outside the Gender Binary' thread? james spader has been way hot since he was first in movies..gods, was it bright lights big city? On a similar note, did you hear about Brian Molko being removed from NME's "hottest men" poll? IQz1qzzy4ro1_500OK, the "hot boys" thread, why post pictures of people who are technically men but look like women? I don't remember many "butch dykes" in the "hot girls" thread. q=tbn: ANd9Gc Rf BUqw__ti Gyq Ygl Flt Yon7Pi P7W9CM OM0V7ikwap0t MQW--y N prefer his shaggy look. does funny things to me ;p glad to see idris elba and tom hardy getting some love... I've never been the biggest Lenny fan but hot damn! anyway, he aged pretty sweetly nyle from season 22 of antm. and he's supposedly "sexually fluid." damn that man is gorgeous. a shoe salesman.https:// uh, any rich folk care to purchase this for me? In fact, the same argument you're making about the term "Hot Boys" was brought up about "Hot Chicks." I don't think we need a third thread for anyone who doesn't fit into the gender binary. ' and 'She looks airbrushed/starving/fat' back-and-forths. In the end: des gots et des couleurs on ne se dispute pas seems the best option. hot boys, and also because he's a fucker who just ruined a great show. He is very hot, but I don't understand why you've chosen the most airbrushed photo in the history of time to show that^^ Fair enough. I really don't want to see people complaining about guys/girls not being feminine/masculine enough and the post being in the wrong thread and asdf It's sexist and that third thread just seems like a lot of potential problems. Funny I never paid him much attention until this scene: don't remember many "butch dykes" in the "hot girls" thread. Also: TD1qzytr2o1_500We tried that on the old board (in the form of a "Hot People" thread) and it didn't work, sublimaze. Fucker.) Grrl/Martin Freeman/mf11 Fh1N1qlaaf0o2_500(Fucker)Enjoyed watching the Men's gymnastics, I got a real thing for the Chilean Olympic gymnast Tomas Gonzalez...Moustaches at moment. WWUh1qg5yaao1_500.gif now for Paralympics hotness - not much Paralympics love on the forum, anywhoo.. It's just the reason I needed to post more: Elba Palazzo After Party Sony Pictures y Zcoj QKIc elba.jpg? Here are the 100 best hair trends for the year 2016.In this gallery you will find hairstyles for all seasons.


And to be honest I was a little insulted about the 'men looking like women' bit, which was why I posted Andrej (who is just a gorgeous human being all round) to begin with. I'm just saying what was probably already said in the last thread so I'll shut up now and repost what orestes linked me to on Twitter: Qqs6YCIAE8Lm (BYE-BYE, OVARIES) ..on a completely different note, Brad Rowe: last post of the first page!! So yes two men own my dreams at the moment Pretty Janove Ottesen (older) Lwa B1qdiym5o1_500(sort of recent) Ben Barnes yes, I'm happy now. v=CHe1E_dq__k&sns=em I sometimes while away an afternoon looking at Richard Armitage videos on youtube! When I watched Immortals Luke Evens be came my new crush. Levy Gutierrez/images/pic02 Levy2I can't decide it I like the fact that he waxes or shaves his chest. He is sooooooooooooo dreamy :) And because we can't allow a picture free post: Where is the rest of the pics?

On December 11, 2009, the album’s second single "Naturally" was released and has since then has been certified Platinum by the CRIA.


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