Dating a compulsive liar

They choose to admit they were wrong and apologize for any hurt they have caused. Liars have essentially chopped their own legs out from under them through continual denial and lying.

However, a person who is striving for honesty and integrity always brings the truth into the light. At the end of the day, at the end of one’s life, what do you have besides your good name or your reputation?

The Big Three include: the girl who tricked me into an open relationship, the girl who turned out to be a white supremacist, and, lastly, the girl who was a compulsive liar.

For anonymity’s sake, I’ll refer to her as Lena, because I don’t know anyone named Lena and I highly doubt Lena Dunham is reading my article under her quilt made of hundred dollar bills.

He doesn't need to be in the military to know what it's like, because he's watched enough war movies (e.g. (Aside: that's the huge appeal of Clancy and Crichton-- enough detail to make you think you know the inner workings of the professions they describe.) It's wrong to dismiss the lies as valueless; like Zelig, these people have an intuitive grasp of the relevant thought process, emotions, affects, and even consequences of the experiences they describe. So when he gets caught in his lie, he secretly blames the other person for not appreciating that whether it's a lie or not is trivial, irrelevant; it still him just the same.------------------ (It would be interesting to study whether (true) pathological liars are able to provide a better "profile" of criminals, heads of state, etc, than professional profilers, and what supplementary factors might improve the accuracy of the profile.

("Here are some videos/documents on Vladimir Putin. Then, go out to dinner with this beautiful blonde ex-FSB agent and see if you come up with any further insights.") I suspect also that pathological liars would more predictably pass the new f MRI lie detectors; these detect binary lies ("are you this or are you not this? I think I know how the test procedure can be altered to pick this up; but I also think I know how these tests can be reliably beaten.

It can be deceptive, painful, and down right confusing. You can feel like your relationship is a boat without an anchor, not rooted to anything, anywhere. Now, let me make the distinction: there are people who lie and then there are liars. We often substitute the word “excuses” for “white lies.” But it’s basically the same thing. Since they have no legs, they can’t take a stand on anything that matters.

It anchors us to the earth, to reality, and to one another in a way that is irreplaceable. Sometimes we’re not even aware that we’re lying until someone points it out. They have destroyed their own reputations and in doing so, their name in the community.



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