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In the political capital, La Paz, non-verbal communication is minimal amongst Pacenos (residents of the capital).

Limit non-verbal communication to a minimum and try to be, whenever possible, open with communication.

That being said, usually, a handshake or hug for men, and a hug with a kiss on the right cheek is a common greeting in cities across the country, especially among acquaintances.

Kissing between men is uncommon and would be considered odd or inappropriate.

It is important to answer openly, but also to try to be positive in your responses, since Bolivians are proud of their country and customs.

Finally, another often-popular point of discussion is soccer.

As a foreigner, and more so if a white foreigner, you may be the object of non-verbal scrutiny, especially in regions or cities that have limited exposure to outsiders.

For example, you may experience prolonged staring, or be the subject to jokes which you may not even understand or hear.


Each city has at least one team, with the larger cities having two.Another good topic of discussion is demonstrating that you have some knowledge about Bolivia.


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