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Monothelitism entertained - Jesus two natures and one divine will; iii.Further condemned Monophysitism - 1 nature, divine, not two.f.It began as simple a geo-political region of the existing worldwide church (latin term "catholic" not to be confused with "Roman Catholic"). Non-Chalcedonians – Egypt, Syria, Armenia, Mesopotamia a.The Orthodox Church became its own distinctentity as a result of the following events which occurred over the course of about 700 years: A. Christ unified in His nature and subsequent person. Pope Leo IX – Pope of Catholic Church – fought against Normans in 1052 taken captive 1. Sent legate Cardinal Humbert to give evidence from Constantine’s “donatio” that Rome held primal papacy. Cardinal Humbert laid Papal Bull of Excommunication on altar of Hagia Sophia B.Today, the liturgy would be considered “high church” or “orthodox” in practice, however, in America there is a movement among many Lutheran churches to provide a contemporary worship - with guitars, drums, and contemporary worship music.

• Some began "kissing", revering, or bowing down to these icons.Michael Cerularius – Archbishop of Constantinople 1. Refused Popes envoy demanding his recognition of the supremacy of Rome 3.Excommunicated Humbert from the Eastern Church (Leo IX was already dead)2.They were persecuted by the Western Church (early Roman Catholicism), abandoned by the Eastern Church, and eventually persecuted by the Muslims with heavy taxation, beatings, and martyrdom.


Were it not for a letter to Mohammed to "spare the Copts as they are your 'kin;" The Coptic Christians would have possibly been driven out or worse, wiped out.But they survived and still exist today and are constantly in the news for all of the atrocities that the Muslim Brotherhood inflict upon them.



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    His work scoring music for film has been recognized by the music industry, notably with an award for co-writing the song "Accidentally in Love" for the movie Shrek 2 from BMI.

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    Many women cannot entertain the thought of dating a man five years older than they are let alone getting married to one.

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    We have a friendly and supportive online LGBTQ community that is free and easy to access.

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    Daily Chat Line is the best free trial chatline with to meet local singles. Plus, you’re in control of who you want to talk to. Mumbling or hearing background noise can be a turn-off.

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