Kazakh dating scam


Online dating agencies are very popular and Albania isn't the only country with this issue.However if you're looking for love, don't be lured into giving money for airline tickets, sick relatives and other plausible, but fake, reasons.Online fraud is the jurisdiction of the state or territory police if the victim is a not a Commonwealth Government department or a Commonwealth Authority.The Australian Federal Police investigates frauds committed against a Commonwealth Government department or a Commonwealth Authority.


You will come across beggars or gypsies in your travels, it pays to ignore them. The draw is usually in the next two to three days and wouldn't that be a great way to end your holiday?

If the link is followed, the victim often also downloads a malicious program which captures his/her keyboard strokes including any typed information such as banking login details and sends them to a third party.

As well as targeting internet banking customers, phishing emails may target online auction sites or other online payment facilities.

Phishing involves using a form of spam to fraudulently gain access to people's internet banking details.


The term 'phishing' refers to the use of spam e-mails purporting to be from a bank, in this way criminals 'fish' for legitimate bank customer's logon information.You're more likely to need to watch your step with the unkept footpaths than to end up being scammed.



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