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Unfortunately, my son says my behaviour is starting to curdle the chicken soup. I also laden texts and emails to him with kisses — something I do to all my male friends and business contacts, too. Obviously, I had to be supremely professional, but I couldn’t help making flirty remarks to break the ice as I looked at their name badges. But I don’t think it was you.’) My husband is used to me being a flirt.

Of course, I know I’m doing it — and most men do as well. Too used to it, perhaps, because my eye-batting asides to other men wash over him.

Connect to Facebook or Twitter and share your posts, take your best pictures from Instagram, your best location check-ins from Foursquare, link playlists and videos from various social networks. i Love gives you the power to flirt everywhere: In the grocery store, on the bus stop or even when visiting your grandma.

Combine it and create a unique dating profile with a few clicks.

It is after all the front-end for our cognitive friends.

We need to treat them like our friends if we want them to be as successful as possible assisting us and improving our lives.

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Set a standard dialogue on the inside to flirt with them.That means that everyone — from work colleagues, male friends, the plumber grouting our bathroom, the call centre guy trying to palm me off with loft insulation and even (forgive me) my 18-year-old son’s pals — is on my radar.


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