Updating links between excel and powerpoint


There are ~125,000 members reading this blog through feed readers & email. You can try one of them and become even more awesome. I have an MBA from IIM Indore and Computer Science degree from Andhra University.The blog has been featured on Major newspapers, few books, Life Hacker, MSN, BNet, Technet and Delicious. I am able to connect with a wide part of the world and exchange ideas freely. I am passionate about Data Analytics and Visualization and this blog is my platform for sharing what I learn about Microsoft Excel and new ways of presenting data. During September 2009, we became parents to 2 beautiful and naughty twins. Life has been hectic and incredibly fun ever since. We are based out of India, but we travel around the world and meet new people and cultures all the time.

Change happens in every aspect of our lives and we often have little to no control over what happens.

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