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Workshop for Graduate Program Staff: Tuition-Related Processes for Graduate Student Appointments: Confused about tuition remission and third party deferral processes for graduate student appointments?

Learn about the processes associated with administering TA, PA, RA, LSA, Fellow, Staff, and Trainee appointments.

Data Sharing: Staying Alive and Relevant in the Age of E-Science: Having an impact in your field isn't just about results, it's about everything--the methodology, the notes, and the data.

Sharing research data has the potential to cut through redundancy and push innovation forward in ways that redefine connectivity in science.



This talk will focus on the basics of WARF's evaluation of disclosures for patentable and licensable intellectual property and efforts the organization is making to enhance the potential of promising UW technologies to make it into the marketplace.

David L De Mets Lectures in Health and Quantitative Investigation: The selected lecturer will be chosen to exemplify the Dave De Mets Model of Biomedical Research: Rigorous development and application of quantitative methodological principles, married with deep engagement in an area of biomedical investigation.



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