How to be smart about dating

When Patti Stanger of Bravo fame was in her “Millionaire Matchmaker” heyday (circa 2010), I rarely missed an episode, and delighted in watching it with a friends while guzzling wine and eating takeout pad thai.We got the same kick out of it that we do from the equally low-quality but highly entertaining “Bachelor” franchise—i.e.“We like to match people with more ‘Treble’—or higher energy—with someone with more ‘Bass’ tendencies—or less energy.” It’s the whole opposites attract thing, plus you can balance each other out.So if you notice that one of you is peppier and chattier on dates, don’t take it as a sign of disinterest that the other person isn’t as talkative—some people enjoy sitting back and letting ‘Trebles’ make decisions and come up with ideas. I know a woman who regularly runs marathons and is constantly traveling for work, while her partner can barely be bothered to exercise at the end of a long workday.watching single people try to find love on the most public of platforms and often in the most embarrassing of ways.It’s the mildly schadenfreude experience of feeling sheepishly grateful that your own problems aren’t quite as bad as the people on the screen’s.That in itself isn’t a problem, but it translates to a larger energetic gap between them, one that’s been tough to navigate in the long term.



You’ve realised that this smouldering hot chick sitting across you is incredibly dumb.

Sometimes, when we’re very excited about the prospect of a new partner, we forget that building a new relationship takes time,” says Reisel.


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