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“We have received numerous compliments from staff and guests alike on the quality and freshness of the meals provided.

We intend to continue our relationship with Mandate Meal Management for countless years to come.” “Not only was the food ample, but it was of excellent quality.

Lack of access to opportunities and to quality education, including human rights education, had a negative effect on youth, and made the youth more affected by extremism., also introducing draft resolution L.1 on youth and human rights, recalled that the global youth population had reached a historic high and had strong potential to transform economies and shape societies.

Youth, however, faced many challenges in realizing their economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights.


Bespoke catering packages are designed for each of our Mandate Meal Management clients ensuring that all their needs, from cost through to product, are met without exception.The Council also decided to convene a panel discussion on the theme, “Youth and human rights” at its thirty-third session to identify challenges, best practices and lessons learned in the exercise of human rights by young people.


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