Driver sd needs updating eth

Was creating an additional standard account for my daughter on a spare laptop I got from an inlaw.

This is connected to my broadband access at home, not ROOter.

So as most of u know i am running with a vodafone R216 modem tethered to a tplink mr3420 V1 which goes into 70m ethernet cable and then into a mr3420 V1 in client mode.

Not as nice as it could be but better than nothing.

Both settings(reboot or toggle usb power) cause same issue, connection monitor gives false indication.

It seems that script halt long time before actions (reboot or usb toggle).

I use the "log" function in the script to dump information to the System Log so I can see exactly what is happening.

Well the strange thing is when i used Golden Orb (or was it MW?But someone have to log ROOTer and do this manually. Is there log file for Connection Monitor somewhere?


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