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Unlike Forbes (below) the adblocking initiative at Bild does not seem to be an exercise in anything but greed; figures were rising steadily from a healthy baseline in the time leading up to the move – declining thereafter.Forbes started out at the same strong baseline a year ago as most of the other graphs, with the blockade apparently initiated to mitigate the effects of a persistent decline since early autumn – usually a turbulent and fruitful time for news. Sample: I'll most likely be using a lot of your music in the future. Beautiful songs, I love the variety of styles you explore them. If interested could you please get in touch with me at [email protected] regards Bob Dear BROKE FOR FREE, I'm a video and demoscene multimedia artist and plan to ue some of your songs in videos. I plan on using some of these in the background of my videos (and I'll credit/link to you in the video's description whenever I use one of your songs.) Thanks again! :) We work in an educative project call Un Dia De Cine. I checked the license and all appears to be well, so I have used your Black Lung track here... Hi I'm a visual artist who just also happens to run a soapmaking business and I've decided to make some videos showing my soapy processes. Thank you for providing great sounding tracks that I can put to my videos! Hi there, im an Art Director at Mccann Sydney, Australia and Im really interested in a few of your tracks and would like to use them on a project. I used you're track 'As Colorful As Ever' for a behind the scenes photo-shoot video. I'll definitely be coming back to your collection for future video's, keep up the good work! A friend recommended you, so I had to check out your work. All this is relatively circumstantial fare by way of arguing that deterring adblocking users deters traffic in general, but there are some unusual coincidences in the graphs.If one was willing to read the trends with a more paranoid eye, it might seem that instituting these deterrents is financially suicidal, since the remnant audience, though fully monetised and ad-enabled, is so much smaller than the one prior to it.In the case of Axel Springer’s flagship news vessel, the blockade appears either to have had a disastrous direct effect on a traffic-stream that was fairly healthy, or to have coincided with massively declining website visits for other reasons.The descent begins at the moment the anti-adblock measures are put in place and describes a 45-degree plunge until relative stabilisation in the last two weeks.



Some news publishers have formed a small vanguard with what many business-folks might consider the ‘obvious’ response: to ban or attempt to ban users who consume their content without seeing their ads.

Instead there is no evidence that Wired’s blocking policy made any difference to what appears to be a headlong traffic slump up to the present time.


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