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    I also had no idea Eric played football – I think I would have had him down as a hockey guy. Reply I made this recipe for Super Bowl and it was a hit with everyone.

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    It has been speculated that the lower risk of vascular disease among premenopausal women may be related to lower homocysteine concentrations in women than in men.

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    Leaning your elbows on the table whilst you are eating is also considered rude.

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    Police said it does not appear the two men knew each other but an altercation suddenly broke out.

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    ASSTR donation link: A Late Encounter - by James Charles Lynn - Jenny and Tom were on a road trip when they ended up staying overnight at a friend of Jenny's.

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    He's been a bespectacled nerd with a peanut allergy ("Freaks and Geeks"), a stoner who doesn't shave his beard for a year ("Knocked Up") and a permanently grouchy computer programmer ("Silicon Valley").

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