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“I [found] him attractive, and I loved that he can handle my dog,” Mordaga, now 24, tells The Post.

Del Savio, owner of dog walking and training company Pack Leader Dogs in Hoboken, NJ, became smitten with Mordaga during their weekly training sessions.

And as more businesses and apps pop up across the five boroughs offering these services, the opportunities for potential romantic connections — and minefields — are also growing.

The attraction makes sense, Del Savio claims, because clients see these people as dependable and trustworthy.

Speaking of drinking coffee...knowing where your next-best-and-possibly-last crush likes to hang out is a major plus.

As entertaining as it can be to go through endless profiles, swiping left or right aimlessly, the reality is that the majority of profiles and matches are random and unappealing.But agreeing to a date — whether it’s the employee or the customer doing the asking — isn’t always a smart move, and can lead to some potentially awkward situations.Take Amelia Dias, a 26-year-old cleaner and co-founder of Maid in JC.Netflix and chill is so 2016; we can do better, New York.


Get yourself an app who knows you’re worth more, and the people using it do, too.“[Women] can see men who are able to control the dogs, and that’s a turn-on for them,” he says.



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