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Due-bills obligate a seller of shares of stock to deliver the dividend payable on such shares to the buyer.

The due-bill obligations are settled customarily between the brokers representing the buyers and sellers of the stock.

As required by the New York Stock Exchange’s Listed Company Manual, BHL’s common stock will trade with “due-bills” representing an assignment of the right to receive the Liquidating Distribution beginning on June 14, 2017 (two business days prior to the record date) through the payable date of June 28, 2017 and will not trade ex-dividend until June 29, 2017, the first business day after the payable date.

Stockholders who sell their BHL shares on or before the payable date will not be entitled to receive the Liquidating Distribution.

About Black Rock" data-reactid="17" (exchange-traded funds), and other pooled investment vehicles.

Black Rock also offers risk management, advisory and enterprise investment system services to a broad base of institutional investors through Black Rock Solutions.


You can access your K-1 by clicking the link below.Eligible former shareholders are those who timely submitted relevant documentation, including the release required under Section 41.6 of the Plan.As of the Effective Date of the Plan, Depository Trust Company ("DTC") established and maintains positions in the Escrow CUSIPs.BHL and Black Rock have no obligations for either the amount of the due-bill or the processing of the due-bill.

Buyers and sellers of BHL’s common stock should consult their broker before trading in BHL’s common stock to be sure they understand the effect of the NYSE’s due-bill procedures.This reference to Black Rock’s website is intended to allow investors public access to information regarding the Fund and does not, and is not intended to, incorporate Black Rock’s website in this release." data-reactid="20"Black Rock will update performance and certain other data for the Fund on a monthly basis on its website in the “Closed-end Funds” section of well as certain other material information as necessary from time to time.



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