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The importance of creating strong, memorable characters within a short story is often overlooked.However, when writing in this format creating the character or characters is arguably one of the most important criteria when aiming to become a published author.This attachment does not necessarily have to be a positive one as love and hate are equally strong emotions, the worst possible reaction to a character is disinterest.Remember the aim of a short story is that it can be read in one sitting so you really do need to keep the reader reading as they may not be coming back.If you see anything on this site that is yours and you want it taken down, please contact us before taking any legal action.


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Hayley Nichole Williams Spongebob, Sponge, Hayles, Hbomb Capricorn Meridian, Mississippi, USA Franklin, Tennessee, USA Williams has attended some school in Mississippi, where she was born.

Later, she moved to Tennessee and went to different school, where she met her future band members, The Farro brothers.Another good tip is to write in the first person, this is because you want the audience to identify, and if possible, empathise with the character.



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