Dating skills program


He's got some great information products, available online.

You may want to check out his program: Revolutionary Sex or his program: Passionate Lover, Passionate Life.

He also sells information products which are quite good. There are other good teachers for meeting and dating women more successfully.

You may want to start with his e Book "The Attraction Code". All the good teachers will help you develop more advanced social skills that will increase both your confidence level and knowledge of what to do. He also sells an information product called "28 Sure Fire Ways to Instant Dating Success". Online Dating: To significantly increase your abilities at getting responses with online dating sites, you will need to learn to talk and write in a way that women really respond to.

You may want to start with this CD or DVD training called "The Blueprint Decoded ".

You could also try out the CD or DVD training called: "The Flawless Natural".

You can find out more about it or order it by clicking on the title: The Way Of The Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Woman, Work, and Sexual Desire.

Sexual Skills: If you are wanting to develop sexual skills with the women you are dating, or planning to date, you may want to study with Alex Allman.



Some will help with your effectiveness in face to face interactions with women.

For women, attraction is not nearly so much about physical appearance, and much more about behavior, body language and voice tone.


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