Mathematical dating proof

You could miss out on finding “The One” if you settle down too soon, but wait too long and you risk ending up alone.So how many people should you date before you commit? The optimal stopping problem, also known as “the secretary problem” or the marriage problem, was first popularized in the 1950s.It’s about decision-making under uncertainty: you want to know when you’ve found the right choice and when to stop looking.In short, you want to maximize the probability of choosing the best person, while reducing the risk or rejecting that person and they go elsewhere.This gives a probability of finding the best secretary (mate) at 1⁄e or approximately 0.37.


According to the theory, to find the best person to marry, or hire, you have to pass over the first 37% of people.

The respected mathematician, who works at Kyoto University's Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS) in Japan, did not even announce his work to peers around the world.


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