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All of the Platonians, except for Alexander, seem to possess telekinetic powers.

(Later, it is determined one of the biochemical effects of Alexander's dwarfism is the inability to make use of the kironide.) The Platonians explain they "lured" the Enterprise to their planet because their leader, Parmen, requires medical help. Mc Coy, Parmen demands Mc Coy remain on the planet to treat other Platonians.


However, almost no one found the kiss offensive" except from a single mildly negative letter from one white Southerner who wrote: "I am totally opposed to the mixing of the races.

Mc Coy finds a way to enable Alexander's body to use the kironide, but Alexander would not internalize the empowering substance, because he did not wish to "become one of them." He is released from his duty of serving the planet's denizens as a slave and jester, and requests to go with the Enterprise to start a new (and presumably happier) life elsewhere in the Galaxy.

The first interracial kiss on television may have occurred some years earlier on American television on December 5, 1960, in Adventures in Paradise - "The Big Surf", between Gardner Mc Kay and Pilar Seurat; then next on September 26, 1961, in Laramie - "Dragan At The Door", Season 3, Episode 1, by Nobu Mc Carthy and Robert Fuller.

Alexander becomes angry after watching the humiliating tricks played upon the crew by his Platonian masters.

He tries, unsuccessfully, to attack Parmen with a knife. Mc Coy had managed to isolate and identify the kironide mineral that provides the inhabitants with their special powers; it is abundant in the natural food and water supply of the planet.

Mc Coy beam down to a planet (rich in rare "kironide" mineral deposits) to investigate a distress call.



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