Sex chat live without any credit card system

Cam2Cam Show represents the way to communicate with the model face-to-face.This means that during this session, the user can turn on the webcam and be seen by the model.You can find the Terms and Conditions on the following link: Use to restore your password.Use and type your email address to restore your username.Models usually will not respond to members who make special requests without tipping.



Please contact our Support Team at The decision to block a user is completely up to the model.

In order ro start a Cam2Cam Show, all you need is to press the button “Cam2Cam”. It can be stopped at any time either by the model or the user, and it stops automatically when the user runs out of tokens.

The default price is 32 tokens/ minute and it can raise up to 90 tokens, depending of what the model chooses.

The goal at x Hamster Live is for members and models to have a good time and enjoy the website.


We don’t like imposing rules but sometimes we need to in order to keep the website fun and enjoyable for everyone.

The King represents the highest tipper in 12 hours of broadcasting.


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