Stop acrobat from updating


All the other Adobe helper apps launch when one of the suite of programs is started and that is totally fine, that's what they are supposed to do, but Acro Tray seemingly can't be prevented from running at boot and sitting there in the running processes, glowering at me.Is there anyway to stop Acro starting at boot other than uninstalling Adobe DC &/or Acrobat Reader X (that doesn't also replace it starting with some kind of warning or pop up)?Adobe’s Acrobat family of products has been historically painful for IT to distribute and manage.While this article focuses on a simple management setting – suppressing update checks and notifications for all users – it’s an example of how configuring even the simplest, arguably most universally required management setting for an Acrobat-deploying IT department is an exercise in frustration at every turn, largely due to Adobe’s Acrobat team insisting on reinventing the wheel for basic functionality already provided by native OS APIs and frameworks, compounded by many technical errors in their documentation.

Don’t launch some program right after boot and have it take over my Mac!

In this case, we assume the writer meant to use the correct path to the plist file, and not one that doesn’t normally exist on an OS X system.

Option 15.6.1: Disabling and locking the Updater This sounds familiar to that Feature Lockdown no-line-break mess we’re still trying to forget we were ever desperate enough to try in the first place.

The problem I am having is that whatever I do or disable I cannot stop Acro from Adobe starting at boot and doing...

whatever it is that it is doing, until it is stopped manually via task manager: Naturally I disabled it on "Start-up": And even set to "stopped" all services that are related with Adobe: I understand that this app does something but I want explicit control of when it does that and I absolutely hate that it ignores being disabled.However, we would need to make a point of doing this every time we run an updater pkg for Acrobat.


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