Palm pixi updating prl


SJ05 Samsung 3500 – VK05 Samsung 6100 – TE09 Samsung 8500 – VJ24 Samsung SPH-A400 – WA23 Samsung SPH-A460 – WI19 Samsung SPH-A500 – WD29 Samsung SPH-A560 – YE19 Samsung SPH-A580 – ZC10 Samsung SPH-A600 – XC20 Samsung SPH-A620/VGA1000 – WL15 Samsung SPH-A640 – ZE12 Samsung SPH-A660/VI660 – XA28 Samsung VM-A680 – YG08 Samsung MM-A700 – YB15 Samsung PM-A740 – YG19 Samsung RL-A760 – YC30 Samsung IP-A790 – YA31 Samsung MM-A800 – YD11 Samsung PM-A840 – ZA26 Samsung MM-A880 – YH19 Samsung MM-A900 – AB15 Samsung SPH-A900M – ZJ23 Samsung MM-A920 – ZB07 Samsung MM-A940 – ZA13 Samsung SPH-A960 – ZB03 Samsung SPH-i300 – UJ12 (Phone) 0110 -1200 (PDA) Samsung SPH-i325 Ace – PDA: BG17 Phone: BG17 Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade Samsung SPH-i330 – WC07 Samsung SPH-i500 – XG23 Samsung SP-i600 – XK29 Samsung SPH-M100 – VL24 USB Driver – Music Upload Tool Samsung SPH-M220 – BG24 Samsung SPH-M300 – AD02 Samsung SPH-M320 – BG24 Samsung SPH-M500 – ZK03 Samsung SPH-M510 – AC19 Samsung SPH-M520 – BF18 Samsung SPH-M540 Rant – CG10 Samsung SPH-M550 Exclaim – CG21 Samsung SPH-M610 – AD05 Samsung SPH-M620 Up Stage – AF14 Samsung SPH-M630 Highnote – CB19 Samsung SPH-M800 Instinct – CH27 (sep 2009) Samsung SPH-M810 Instinct S30 – CH13 (sep 2009) Samsung SPH-N200 – VJ25 Samsung SPH-N240 – VF17 Samsung SPH-N270 – WD17 Samsung SPH-N300 – VJ31 Samsung SPH-N400/SPH-N400i – WD12 Samsung SPH-Z400 – BE03 Sanyo PRO-200 – 1.010SP Sanyo PRO-700 – 1.011SP Sanyo VI-2300 – 1.005SP Sanyo SCP-2400 – 1.001QW Sanyo SCP-3000 – 1.0026SP Sanyo SCP-3100 – 1.001SP Sanyo SCP-3800 Katana LX – 1.005SP Sanyo SCP-4000 – 2.0033SP Sanyo SCP-4500 – 3.0036SP Sanyo SCP-4700 – 1.113SP Sanyo SCP-4900 – 1.059SP Sanyo RL-4920 – 1.011SP Sanyo RL-4930 – 1.004SP Sanyo SCP-5000 – 1.031SP Sanyo SCP-5150 – 1.109SP Sanyo SCP-5300 – 1.038SP Sanyo SCP-5400/RL2500 – 1.034SP Sanyo SCP-5500/VM4500 – 1.011SP Sanyo MM-5600 – 1.010SP Sanyo SCP-6000 – 1.029SP Sanyo SCP-6200 – 1.018SP Sanyo SCP-6400 – 1.032SP Sanyo SCP-6600 Katana – 1.001SP Sanyo SCP-6650 Katana II – 1.004SP Sanyo SCP-6750 Katana Eclipse – 1.003SP Sanyo SCP-6750 Katana Eclipse X – 1.007xp Sanyo SCP-7050 – 1.004SP Sanyo SCP-7200/RL2000 – 2.046SP Sanyo RL-7300 – 1.007SP Sanyo MM-7400 – 1.030SP Sanyo MM-7500 – 1.022SP Sanyo SCP-8100 – 1.116SP Sanyo PM-8200 – 1.007SP Sanyo MM-8300 – 1.007SP Sanyo SCP-8400 – 1.007SP Sanyo SCP-8500 Katana DLX – 1.010SP Sanyo MM-9000 – 1.012SP Sanyo SCP-M1 – 1.001SP Sierra Wireless Air Card 510 – R 1.3.4 Sony B1201 – SD1218SP Sony D600 – 2.58 AJ1.3.05 Sony S1101 – SS1658SP Sony Z100 – ZS1657SP Sony Ericsson T608 – R1E Sprint PCS/Audiovox CDM-9100SP – 05.31 Sprint PCS/Audiovox CDM-9155SP – 07.60 Sprint PCS/Audiovox PM-8912 – T115SP0T13.154 Sprint PCS/Audiovox PM-8920 – T120SP0T21.151 Sprint PCS/Audiovox VI600/8450 – T060SP2T37.123 Sprint PCS NP1000 – 1.04.08 Sprint PCS Touch Point 2110 – DB21PS10 Sprint PCS Touchpoint – FPC_ Sprint PCS Touchpoint DB – FPC_ Sprint PCS TP1100 – P51LGP51 Sprint PCS TP2100 – FPC_ Sprint PCS TP2200 – FPC_ Toshiba/Audiovox 2032SP – & EUU4 Update Toshiba/Audiovox VM4050/CDM-9950SP – 132.037 UTStarcom/Sprint CDM-105 – CDM70SPQ0631 UTStarcom/Sprint CDM-120 – Motorola maintains a firmware tracker for their i DEN phones, as well as offers user-installable updates Motorola i DEN Firmware.

RIM also provides Black Berry i DEN firmware updates through their web site.

BK14 Sony Ericsson T61c – R1G UTStarcom / Casio G’z One Type-V – V9200M11 UTStarcom / Casio G’z One Type-S – V9210M05 UTStarcom / Casio G’z One Type-S with Push-to-Talk – V9210P16 UTStarcom / Casio G’z One Boulder – V9230M15 UTStarcom / PCD / Verizon Wireless TXT-800 Blitz – PLVISVET04_1.205 UTStarcom / Verizon Wireless CDM-180 – UTStarcom / Verizon Wireless CDM-8450 – UTStarcom / Verizon Wireless CDM-8945 – D230VE3M02_0.167 UTStarcom / Verizon Wireless XV6700 – AKU 3.3 Firmware Update UTStarcom / Verizon Wireless XV6800 – Windows Mobile MR2 Update Alltel offers phone software updates in-store, [ call your local store] to confirm update availability.

HTC Touch – 3.04.671.2 Updater LG AX265 – Motorola E815 – 8720_ Motorola K1m KRZR – 24.0_ Motorola Software Update Motorola Q – MOL4 Update: Q2-BP_C_06.0C.1EP Motorola Software Update” Motorola Q9c – MOL1 Update: NL-BP_C_R Motorola Software Update Motorola V3a RAZR – R38.0_X_01.1A.02R Motorola Software Update Motorola V3c RAZR – GATW_X_R Motorola V9m RAZR2 – SPARK0_X_02.0D.0DP Motorola Software Update Motorola W315 – R Motorola Z6m ROKR / Z6tv RIZR – SPARK0_X_02.0D.0DP Motorola Software Update RIM Black Berry 7130e – Update RIM Black Berry 7250 – Update RIM Black Berry 8703e – Update RIM Black Berry 8830 – Update Samsung SCH-U520 – AA06 Palm Treo 755p – Treo755p-1.02-CDMA Motorola E816 Hollywood – E816_X_2.5.0R Motorola Software Update Motorola V3m RAZR – R2104_X_1.0D.00R Motorola Q – MOL3 Update Motorola Software Update Motorola Q – MOL3 Update Motorola Software Update Kyocera K132 – QJ1010 Kyocera K323 – QN1.0.07 Kyocera KX5 Slider Remix – RQ1.0.05 Kyocera KX16b Candid II – B1.0.26 Kyocera KX160B Xcursion – JQ1.0.13 Motorola W315 – R31-1_R Motorola L7c SLVR – 24.0_ Motorola V3c RAZR – GATW_R Motorola K1m KRZR – 24.1_ Nokia 6265i – V HL100V100017-05-06 RM-66 Nokia 6165i – V AZ100V180026-09-06 RM-125 Samsung A870 – A870.

But before that if you need to by pass the activation screen this is what you need to do: BY PASS ACTIVATION SCREEN At starting screen touch corners of the screen clockwise start from Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Left.

Do not touch the the DROID icon MANUAL PROGRAMING Call your PP dealer or customer service and say you want to sign up with PP.


If you see a firmware update that is not listed, simply click the Edit button at the bottom of the page, and add it to the list. D1.1FR Motorola G520 – Motorola K1 KRZR – R452F_G_08.05.0BR Motorola Software Update Motorola L7089 – Motorola E8 ROKR – R6713_G_71.14.1ER_B Motorola Software Update Motorola Star TAC 7000 – Motorola Star TAC 8000 – Motorola T720i – Motorola T722i – Motorola Talkabout T193 – Motorola Talkabout T2282 – Motorola Timeport P280 – Motorola Timeport P7382 – Motorola V3 RAZR – R374_G_0E.40.9ER Motorola Software Update Motorola V3t RAZR – R3443U5_G_0E.If you ask them you want to manual program you DROID phone they CAN NOT/DO NOT want to help. ON your phone Pass the activate screen (see above) Go to phone mode dial ##PROGRAM (##7764726) hit Send (CALL BUTTON) put in the SPC code which "000000" (six zero) press VERIFY Next screen, Go to selection "01 User Activation" Replace the MIN number with the MIN number that you get from PP. Do this 3 times to see "skip" - Dial: ##778, Press Dial - Select: Edit Mode - Enter Security/Pass Code: 000000 - Open: "Nam Settings" - Change MIN1 with last 7 digits of your MIN(If you used the above link, you would have got it through email.Replace the MDN number with your new PP phone number that you get from PP. Or kittywireless has a page where you can get free status) - Change Min2 with first 3 digits of Min.- Don't worry about entering MDN, it will be disabled, but phone works anyway.

- Press "Menu" on bottom of the device and select "commit" - Phone reboots - Update the PRL OTA by entering *228 Option 2 - Make a random call to complete the activation.

We created it as one of the first efforts to get people to update their cell phones.


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