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Each site or location that needed to resolve host names to IP addresses had to at regular intervals download a new copy of the HOSTS file.

The size of the HOSTS file grew as the Internet grew.

Nodes that reside on separate branches in the DNS hierarchy can have the same name.

Each node in the DNS domain tree or DNS hierarchy is identified by a FQDN.

This is a DNS domain name that specifies the node.s location in relation to the DNS domain tree/hierarchy.

A domain name can be defined as the list of labels along the path from the root of the DNS domain tree/hierarchy to a particular node.

The FQDN is the entire list of labels for a specific node.

Each domain registered in DNS is connected to a DNS name server.


If a dns server provides incorrect data to queries that it successfully answers, then the most likely causes are: Also troubleshoot the connectivity to the root servers.

Root hints is a collection of resource records which the DNS Server service utilizes to locate DNS servers who are authoritative for the root of the DNS domain namespace structure.



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