Get revemge on an online dating scammer


I guess we just solved the drought problem for one of California’s drought-stricken counties. It’s no secret USA tops the list of the countries most engaged in online dating.We, the Americans might be smarter and not fall for the tricks of hackers, but according to e Harmony, 40% of Americans use online dating sites when compared to just 25% in the UK, who admitted to having at least one dating app installed on their phone or tablet.Protection when using dating apps no longer means you have to pop by the pharmacy before you go out on an internet date.UK’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) recently reported online dating fraud in the UK cost victims a heart-breaking £27 million ( million) last year.Online (dating) is a phenomenon that exploded in popularity in the mid-1990s.Its popularity was, in part, due to one's ability to meet people from anywhere in the country or even around the world.Having in the scams are happening in a well-developed country such as the United Kingdom we find the results of NFIB’s research utterly shocking.


Never allow access to your personal information, if you have doubts about the person you are meeting or chatting.Catfishing can even be a tool for corporate espionage.One catfisher actually caught a relative who was hatching a murder plot.A whole new level of socializing and meeting prospective mates had opened, allowing people to do so without ever leaving their homes.

Along with the rise of Internet matchmaking, however, came the problem of lying and online dishonesty.

What Is Catfishing The term 'catfishing' comes from the 2010 movie "Catfish".


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