Spb shell 3d weather not updating

- Tiny updates (less than 5k) so you wont use up your data cap- Weather for over 20,000 Australian and 1500 International locations- Real-time observations for temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, pressure and rain since 9 am- 7 Day forecast- Chance of rain and UV Forecast- Animated radar- Postcode/Suburb location search so you don't need to know your nearest weather station- GPS search for current location- Dynamic backgrounds that change as the weather does- Home screen widget https://market.android.com/d Interestingly, the app has the smarts to be moved to SD Card with App2SD, this is good... It seem good, found friends place in Peregian Beach, normal have to go with Noosa.Screen does not change when I rotate the phone, may be it could display the forecast for the next few days, when rotated. Currently I have the BOM site in my browser favorites and on old Aussie Weather Radar app.

Looks pretty good..there are weather warnings is there an indicator on the widget ? - Warnings are coming in a future version of the free app- The Geo Location stuff is up to the handset as far as I know, we make a request to the device for a location and it determines it based on wifi/towers/gps. - Some customisation of widgets is also planned for the next version of free app.- I'll look into that Townsville radar issue and get it switched over. Yes we have a paid APP in in planning / early development with all those additional features you've all requested (and no adverts).

When I click on the widget it clears all the data and locks the app saying "retrieving data". It needs to be expanded to fill the whole screen and the colours toned down a bit.

Because I set it to be based on my current location it takes a while to retrieve if I am indoors. The controls are also pretty useless on a small screen and would be better placed under the menu button I think.

Actually I think thats what was just said in the post above by somebody... It would be nice if it could also show max and min temperatures for today – rather full detail of today's weather. One thing, I have my LCD density set to 167 (240 is default), and the radar stays very small, where other apps will expand accordingly..I guess that's something you can't really cater for... This app will block many apps/games from showing ads. A pro version may be nice if it will indeed have extra features (Not just no ads..cause as I said,there is a way to block them anyway).

Id=16105&product Id=100738&SMSESSION=NO running Android 2.1 weatherzone installed ok from the market but the widget just sits there saying "updating location, no forecast" I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, switched my phone on/off a couple of times and set the location both manually via postcode and let the app search for me via GPS.

Would be great to be able to access data such as past 24 hours for wind speed etc. I should have been clearer with my earlier comment.



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