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An ESPN report stated Tuesday that Anthony’s agents have approached the Knicks about getting waived via a buyout in order to sign as a free agent with the Cavaliers, and got rebuffed.

It is hardly a secret James would love Anthony on the roster.

Dubbed the "New Gym", the Gators played there until 1949, when Florida Gymnasium was finished.

In December 1932, the University of Florida joined the Southeastern Conference as one of its thirteen charter members.

Anthony is going through a separation from his wife, La La.

Their conference schedule consists of a pair of home-and-home games against five SEC teams, plus a single game against each of the other eight SEC teams.

The Florida Gators men's basketball team represents the University of Florida in the sport of basketball.

The Gators compete in NCAA Division I and the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

The modern University of Florida was created in 1905, when the Florida Legislature passed the Buckman Act, consolidating four predecessor institutions to form the "University of the State of Florida." Ten years later, the university sponsored the first Florida Gators men's varsity basketball team that played its first season during the 1915–1916 school year under head coach C. Mc Coy, who was also the head coach of the Florida Gators football team.

The first Gators basketball team compiled a 5–1 record, but the following three seasons were canceled during and immediately after World War I.The Knicks have not entirely ruled out the stretch provision with Anthony, which would give them an extra .4 million in cap space in spreading his .1 million contract over five years.


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