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The first single, “Uptown Funk”, features GRAMMY® award-winning superstar Bruno Mars on vocals and drums, who sings with passion and plays drums with fire that will bring funk back on the radio.Though Ronson is now based out of London, most of Uptown Special was recorded in the United States with stops in Los Angeles, Memphis and Mississippi.UPTOWN SPECIAL - Nelson George, November 2014 Uptown Special, is a tale of several cities, a wide range of collaborators, and a road trip deep into the American South.However, the story of Ronson’s latest project really starts back when he was New York’s hottest DJ.In addition to her magazine work, Griffiths is deeply committed to photographing for aid organizations around the world.

Jonathan’s desire to design all the bits one needs to create a flawlessly chic home led to more and more.Today, we are a design company with over 25 stores worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, a full slate of residential and commercial projects, and a wholesale business boasting over 1,000 locations globally.


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