Symantec endpoint managed client not updating

To upgrade Symantec Endpoint Protection across a network, it is only necessary to manually upgrade the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager.After the upgrade, the clients will download the install package assigned to their group as they heartbeat to the manager, or on a schedule.

They are able to receive the latest Policy serial Number but not he defintions. let know if it updates, on another system post the sylink logs to know the reason the client not updating from SEPM?The clients are able to get the current policy serial number that of server, but they are unable to download the current definitions.And what other policies you are talking about If I am not sure about the one that I mentioned above...?You can also restart the clients at any time by running a restart command from the management server.


You have the option to schedule the clients to restart during a time that is convenient for users.

To reduce bandwidth during peak hours, schedule Auto Upgrade for after hours in the Upgrade Clients with Package wizard.


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