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Critical strategic level decisions usually reveal themselves as difficult questions during an emergency. Should or could we declare a disaster or state of emergency? Emergency Public Information is the second important reason for having an EOC.What are the public safety or legal implications of ordering curfews, evacuations, deployments, and quarantines? Emergency Public Information includes tools such as press releases and public service announcements, press conferences, etc.Chief elected officials can use these tools to affect how the public reacts to an emergency and, consequently, affect the scope of the emergency.In summary, if we are not adequately aware of the emergency situation, then we do not know what to say to the public. In the absence of a steady flow of credible information from chief elected officials or their representatives, the public may seek its own answers in rumors or from a speculating news media.Having a clear purpose can have a direct impact on the design of an effective EOC.The first purpose, To develop and maintain awareness of the emergency situation for decision making, is critical. Because, it is the basis for making critical decisions and for releasing information that could effect the lives of everyone in the jurisdiction.We mean chief elected officials or their authorized representatives who are responsible for making the critical decisions that may effect the entire jurisdiction.


Any EOC communications system you install should preserve the quality of face-to-face communications.Now, let’s look at the second purpose of the EOC: To coordinate support for emergency responders.


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