Who is dale earnhardt jr dating now

Those who know him best said he’s never been happier or more content.

Amy Reimann, Junior’s girlfriend, has apparently taken to calling him a name everyone else doesn’t – other than maybe his mother – namely, Ralph (see Junior’s tweet below). Ralph, has obviously become quite the tweeter, it would appear.

Their first public appearance as a couple came in 2011 at the NASCAR Sprint Cup awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

Earnhardt popped the question during a trip he took to explore his family's genealogy in Germany. Katie Zowarka Stubbs, also VHS class of 2000, said Reimann and her famous fiance have visited Victoria."She's been dating him for a really long time.

"I always thought the greatest accomplishment in life was to raise a child aside from getting married in the first place.

The 34-year-old interior designer married her college sweetheart Tommy Cook in 2008, but they separated that very year.(Junior’s late father, Dale Sr., was also named Ralph, both in honor of family patriarch — Dale Sr.’s father and Dale Jr.’s grandfather — the late Ralph Earnhardt.) We learned about Amy’s fondness of calling her beloved Ralph from, what else, Twitter, during a Q&A session Wednesday. Earnhardt, who resisted tweeting until starting the night he won the Daytona 500 last month, has already pumped out more than 700 – an average of more than 25 tweets a day!



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