Who is trick daddy dating

Tory Lanez is the latest rapper to make it on the list.Congrats to him – he worked hard on building a successful career.Trick Daddy built a substantial following in the South, with the regional hits "Nann Nigga" and "Shut Up" (both featuring fellow Slip-N-Slide rapper Trina) before breaking through to achieve national prominence in 2001 with his hit singles "Take It To Da House" and "I'm A Thug." Trick Daddy has since had hit singles in "In Da Wind," "Sugar (Gimme Some)" and "Let's Go," which featured Twista & Lil Jon and production by Jim Jonsin that was highlighted by a crunked up version of the Ozzy Osbourne staple "Crazy Train." "Let's Go" is Trick Daddy's most successful hit to date, peaking at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.Rapper Trick Daddy is causing a storm on social media after he took to Instagram to rant that black women “better tighten up” because Hispanic and white women are "getting finer" than them. You're paying 0 to get your makeup done just to go to a local club." "Tighten up," he went on.Interestingly, Trick Daddy says he still makes about ,500 a month -- most of it off music publishing and club gigs -- and doesn't live a baller lifestyle.



Trina explains that she got a message reading "I love you," before falling asleep and later being awakened by Hollywood's sister who alerted Trina to turn on the news.

Given Name: Maurice Young Nickname: Trick Daddy Dollars, T Double DAge: 44 (9/27/1973)Occupation: Music - Rapper Most Famous For: com, album "Our challenges get publicized and I see that as a gift to let people know there is no magic to this.



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