Dating walking sticks


"There is nothing more magical than a glorious sunny autumnal morning spent roaming the woods.

Sometimes I come back with seven or eight different edible species of mushrooms – pretty, ugly, colourful, big, small – but all delicious," enthuses Gennaro Contaldo, chef of the Italian restaurant Passione in Charlotte Street.

They're Italians and Poles, Slovaks and Lithuanians: Europe's forest people, who grew up in chestnut, oak and birch woods, and who always sniff as they reach any damp clump of trees, looking at the green moss underfoot and trying to detect what my Baltic friend Adolfas calls the "joyful smell of a really mushroomy place".

The moon brings the mushroomers out as surely as it brings out the plump brown mushroom that is their biggest prize - what Italians call porcini and Poles borowiki.

Many creatures feed on fungi and they are host to some rare invertebrates that are unique to these ancient woodlands.

It feels like I’m always just crying and sleeping alone, but when I think of you gone I know,” she sings on the track, as revealed by on September 23.


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