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A good way to practice ankle flexibility is the use of fins for kicking.

I would recommend shorter blade fins (FINIS makes three great versions of these).

However this hyper-flexibility presents issues when it comes to my running.

So word of caution here, while you want to increase your ankle flexibility in order to give you the best kick you can possibly achieve, you will want to be conscious that if you intend to run or cycle you may not want overly flexible ankles.

There are four key factors that will contribute to an efficient kick: One of the key skills for great kicking is ankle flexibility.

I even had a swimmer request I don’t give out kick sets because it is useless for him to work his legs. Your legs are right there behind you when you swim, perhaps you won’t get much propulsion from them when you swim, but it is crucial to learn to kick smart if you are going to be efficient in your swims. The guy cannot stop the girl at any point, and the girl, well the girls just have to use their hand technique and nothing else.All in all, it’s a great concept and there’s 52 CFNM handjob restraint games within the member’s area as of today, so there’s plenty to watch! Handjob challenges on EP: Streaming CFNM clip 1 Streaming CFNM clip 2 Handjob challenges on PH: Streaming CFNM clip 1 Streaming CFNM clip 2 See much more CFNM here!Although the new CFNM site CFNM Restraint has been around for a short while, I didn’t get much of a chance to fully jump into what the site had to offer. I will have to say that first off, CFNM Restraint has quite the inventive premise: naked men are pitted against women in a one on one handjob challenge. What’s great is that some of the hottest girls first seen on My Dick Flash and on Kay’s Planet that may not have ever done anything directly sexual before appear on CFNM Restraint!

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This means that the swimmer uses 2 or 6 kicks per stroke cycle (in freestyle a stroke cycle is described as 2 strokes, one per arm).



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