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Why are static properties and methods available in OOP if they should be avoided? To be clear, I'm not developing an application that's going to be sold or used by lots of people, so portability or unit testing is not a high priority.I know I could achieve something similar with a function library, but, I like how classes with static properties and methods keep things compartmentalized yet global without cluttering the global space.Why are classes with static methods and properties difficult to test?I know nothing about unit testing, but, I'm able to test out my classes and objects just fine.If my class is going to have a lot of configuration options then I'll just do that through public setter methods, and leave the construct parameters for dependency injection of other objects and maybe a couple of other really important configuration options.Then once you have publicly configured my class object call your own public initialize method in my class.While I understand the concept of that can be used to instantiate an object with its dependencies.


I've written a few classes that are needed by lots of other classes, like Database, Config and Prefs classes.But if I had factories, I'd basically have to do the same thing, altering the factories for each class so that they recognize and inject the new dependency.


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