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Look at the statistics in education, only our community not all blacks African Americans we perform the worst along with Mexicans.

The rest of the blacks in the world are like second and third.

Tyler’s not stereotyping, he’s holding up a mirror and people are mad at him because people don’t want to look at that image in that way.[sic] “When we use the term here in America, and say ‘black movies,’ that has no reference for the rest of the world.

Look at “Luther,” Idris just won a Golden Globe for “Luther,” that is NOT a black show, it’s a British show. People who watch BBC don’t go, ‘oo’ there’s that black show, nah.

successful defined by how much money it made versus how much it cost to make.

“Inside Man” and the stars were Clive Owens, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Denzel Washington and Jodi Foster…

Today’s Programming Highlights: At 3 PM E2 Radio hosts an all-star lineup of bloggers—including CIOs, analysts and journalists—from Enterprise to discuss the pros and cons of cloud computing for enterprise IT. E2 tells it straight, with no hype, spin or excuses.


The most prevalent image in ‘urban society’ right now is women like Nene [Leaks].

At 7 PM Book Club Girl sits down with The Veil author Diane Noble to discuss her latest novel, The Sister Wife, which is set in the heart of the earliest days of a 19th-century sect called the Saints, and tells the story of two women forced into a practice they don’t understand.


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    One point to note about Java Script validation is that it can always be circumvented by the user disabling Java Script in their browser, so for secure validation you'll need to write your validating code in your server-side scripts.

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    One of the most notable of these is a reddit user who set up a fake profile and didn’t last two hours.

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    In one of the biggest and most controversial changes in the BBC’s recent history, BBC Three has ceased airing new shows.

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